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Organizations may find that much of their inclusion work is pointed out toward their clients. Employees may spend their entire professional lives fighting discrimination. Still, they employers may not possess a clear understanding of how implicit bias across The Big 8 (age, ability, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religion) intersects and impacts employee thought and action. Organizations dedicated to equity and inclusion must have work environments that model and support these values. If not, workplace cohesion, productivity, innovation, and loyalty, as well as client relationships may be severely impacted.

Here is where Flexability can help.

We recognize no two companies are alike, so no two cultural architectures can be identical. Instead of offering a cookie cutter menu of services we work with organizations to curate the best possible strategy to achieve the highest impact. Some of our recent engagements include:

  • Building Short & Long-Term DEI Plans
  • Climate Surveys and Cultural Assessments Focused on Equity & Inclusion
  • Leadership Equity & Inclusion Training
  • Corporate Culture Consulting
  • Anti-Bias Training & Consulting
  • Eliminating Bias in Policies & Practices
  • Best Practices for Retaining Diverse Talent
  • Facilitating Difficult Conversations Related to Varying Identities
  • Understanding Comprehensive Equity in Your Organization
  • Equity & Inclusion HR On-Boarding Modules
  • Global DEI Annual Reports

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For information regarding disability & employment please visit here. For equity & inclusion, click here.

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