Flexability is an employment inclusion firm and our mission is equity at work. Flexability partners with like-minded companies, communities, & job seekers to build diverse, dynamic, & productive working environments. We are woman, disability, &LGBTQ+ led. We believe championing people is good for business and companies who understand, adopt, and lead with the stakeholder primacy see greater returns on their people investments. We offer multiple talent solutions & programs with a single vision: we are changing the world by changing workplaces.

We are

  • Equity & Inclusion experts
  • Curious
  • People-centric
  • Easy to do business with
  • Fun
  • Strategists
  • Barrier Breakers
  • Business-minded
  • Early adopters
  • Peculiar

We aren't

  • Bound to groupthink
  • Close-minded
  • Generalists
  • Afraid to take risks
  • Perfect
  • Scared of the uncomfortable
  • Pretentious
  • The same as the others
  • Done learning

We do

  • Everything with an equity & inclusion lens
  • Consulting
  • Employment (direct hire & executive search)
  • EOS facilitation
  • Leadership & Management Training

Why Equity?

The workspace is a common place where inequity thrives. We exist to correct this in one of two ways. First, by matching and sourcing highly skilled, identity diverse talent with employers. Second, by evaluating and educating companies on their potential to create more equitable working ecosystems. we are leveling the playing field and disrupting institutionalized bias often found in employment.

Why Intersectionality?

Intersectionality means that an individual holds and represents several identities . These identities when considered together can play a role that influences team member acceptance and productivity. Recognizing that bias works on many levels and considering the totality of personhood, Flexability assists companies and organizations to identify and minimize bias and its consequential effects on employees and work environments. Doing so enables every person to thrive and companies to achieve and exceed their goals.

Why a B Corp?

Flexability is in business to drive change and commits to using business as a force for good. Flexability achieved its Certified B Corp (pending) status in July 2019, the certification available to start-up entities. The firm earned the designation of Certified B Corp in February of 2021. As acknowledged by Inc Magazine, this is "the highest standard for socially responsible businesses.” Learn more at https://bcorporation.net.