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PRESS RELEASE | Flexability Recognized Among B Corp’s ‘Best for the World’ in Governance


Flexability is honored to be recognized among the world’s top-performing B Corp businesses in the area of governance.

The B Corp Best for the World™ lists, released last week, recognizes organizations that are creating the greatest impact through their businesses. Flexability – a workplace equity and inclusion firm – became a certified B Corporation last year.

This certification means that Flexability is part of a network of more than 4 000 organizations in some 70 countries that want to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable global economy. Certified B Corporations are rigorously assessed to ensure they meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

The B Corp Best for the World™ awards recognizes B Corps that are trailblazers in five key areas—community, customers, environment, governance, and workers.

Flexability has been recognized for its governance among companies that are making strides in efforts to engage employees, board members, and the community to achieve their mission.

Those companies that are recognized for governance by B Corp Best for the World™ ensure employees have access to financial information are proactive about giving customers’ opportunities to provide feedback and have diverse and engaged governing bodies.

Flexability Co-Founder and CEO Nancy Geenen says the team is honored to receive the award. She says the B Corp emphasis on stakeholder primacy (putting organizations and individuals first in a business’s ecosystem) instead of the more conventional shareholder primacy (putting shareholders first) resonates strongly with the Flexability team.

“As we investigated what it meant to be a B Corp, it really fit with our idea of how we run a business that is intent on changing the world by changing the workplace,” she says.

“Stakeholder primacy is another way of making sure that everybody’s voice in the ecosystem is heard; that we have equity – ensuring everybody has the right productivity tools; and that we have inclusion – ensuring every voice is heard and that we seek out input.

“At a time when equity and inclusion are top of mind, B Corp helps demonstrate to customers, employees, and vendors that stakeholder primacy is another way of talking about equity and inclusion.”

Flexability Co-Founder and COO Greg Weitzman says the recognition is a signal that the company is “walking the talk”.

“One of the ideals that we set down when we were founded was around putting people first. And one of the first steps in doing that is the governance of an organization, its structure. It’s the way that we think about how we run the company as owners.

“When we think about doing the right thing for our customers, it often starts with doing the right thing for our employees. What that means for the organization in terms of how we work with our clients is that we’re putting in place the same practices that we’re having conversations with our clients about.”