Copy of Intersectionality

Why Become a B Corp?

Nancy J. Geenen, MA Ed., J.D., Principal & Chief Executive Officer

As a company that is all about equity in employment, the choice to become a certified B Corp entity was easy. In order to tackle big issues around inequality and discrimination of under-represented and underserved talent in the labor market, we need to examine our own implicit bias, including change the way we govern the organization. Being a member of the B Corps community indicates that we choose to respect and honor the interests of all stakeholders in our business and community ecosystem. Not only do we set these goals for the company, but the leadership also makes the commitment to report to all our stakeholders on our progress.

We are a purpose-driven organization that is committed to Equity at Work.

What does Flexability do differently?

First, we diverge from shareholder primacy as the dominant purpose of corporate existence. Flexibility is committed to a corporate decision-making process that elevates the concerns and needs of our employees, customers, local community, suppliers and the wellness of the planet to a level that matches that of the owners. This commitment is specifically set out in our operating documents.

Second, culture and connection is the number one reason people choose one job over another. In an economy with unemployment rates below 4 percent, we help our candidates and recruits reach employers who share the same values. We are partnering with racial and social injustice educators and activists to address inequity in the workplace. We want to create opportunities for conversation and discourse that helps us heal the world. We are part of a community that is dedicated to confronting tough issues in the workplace.

Third, “the B stands for ‘benefit.” B Corporations are building a new economy “in which the race to the top isn’t to be the best in the world but to be the best for the world.” The B Corp Handbook, 2nd ed., R. Honeyman and T Jana. The business case for employing individuals with disabilities is undeniable: Diversity Champion Employers outperform their industry peers and experience with (i) 28 percent increased profitability; (ii) 28 percent higher revenue; (iii) 30 percent better profit margins; and (iv) two times higher net income. These corporations are four times more likely to outperform shareholder returns of their industry peers. Getting to Equal, The Disability Inclusion Advantage, Accenture Report, produced jointly by AAPD and Disability:In.

Flexability believes that championing people is good business and good business drives change. We believe equitable employment is imperative to the future of work. We partner with like-minded companies, communities, and job-seekers to build diverse, dynamic, and productive working environments. We are a business force for good!