Crosby Cromwell Portrait

Crosby Cromwell


Crosby is a dynamic executive with the talent to transform teams. Leading them to their full potential, Crosby utilizes her signature collaborative approach to surpass goals and break barriers. She is a long-time champion of the disability community who has transitioned into a powerful self-advocate. Crosby's career spans global non-profits and corporate sectors. Never one to step down from a challenge, in 2007, she joined Walmart and designed and implemented the Fortune One's first national external disability platform. She also served as a senior program officer at the Walmart Foundation, where she led Women’s Giving, focused on creating sustainable career pathways for low-income women. During her time at the Foundation, more than $60M in funding was distributed to organizations in the United States. Crosby has been a key player in numerous task forces and community outreach organizations for underrepresented communities. She most often speaks on topics ranging from employment to corporate social responsibility. Her alma mater is the University of Arkansas. Go Hogs!