Anti-Bias: Discover Bias in your Workplace

FLX Anti bias

Whose job is it to correct the systemic bias (racism, for instance) that exists in our institutions? There is a common misconception that the responsibility to change society for the better rests entirely with institutions, both public and private.

While organizations have a powerful role to play, we tend to forget that real responsibility to confront and eliminate bias rests with each and every one of us.

The most sustainable and quickest way to end bias is to change your own mindset and actions. How do you do this?

You become aware that you may hold bias. You educate yourself on how to end biased thinking and action. Finally, you put it into practice in your thoughts and actions with others.

We have an easy-to-remember acronym to help you get on the right track:

Here is an easy way to do this: EQUALS.

E mpathy
Q uestion yourself and others
U nderstand or perspective share
A cknowledge and apologize for others' experiences with inequity
L isten meaningfully to others who are identifying unproductive thought and action and most importantly,
S elf-Reflect, that is, see where your strengths and challenges rest and do better.

How can you learn to do this easily, effectively and without shame or blame?

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